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Tally winked back. She liked Krishna, with his hard-headed sensibility and a sense of humor that was as dry as good white wine! Compared to him, Sergeant Cul was nothing more than a brute and a bully, which is what he should have been exposed as years ago, in her own opinion. However, at the Academy, hard-liners like Cul had their place and were not easily deposed from their thrones.

There he is, she thought glumly, patrolling this hall like he owns it. Sure, it's his job and his duty, but the Academy belongs to all of us. Also, normally I wouldn't mind a little psychological intimidation at test time, but I prefer the way Khrishna's doing it to the method of our other colleague. Honestly. He deceives everyone, pronouncing his last name just like the word "cool", but he assumes that none of us idiots knows French. "Cul" is pronounced like the letter Q in that particular language, and it means something VERY impolite: a person's "posterior"!

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ((look it up if you don't believe me! :P))
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