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Alaire was somewhat shocked that Chiron the Umbral was so excited to meet a reaver. Considering Chiron's nature, it was indeed odd that someone like him could actually find it fascinating to meet one such as her. But she wasn't about to attack him in anyway, not since she had decided to quit the habit of absorbing souls if she could avoid it.

They had all gone to sleep and she had kept her eyes closed. But she never really slept anymore. Her subconscious mind would visit moments in her life of extreme horror for her. It was as if she could see herself from outside as she tore and slashed through her enemies and watched powerless as she fed from the souls of her fallen foes. It didn't matter how much she screamed to herself to stop, she couldn't even will herself to wake.

She envied how Larissa was able to sleep on her lap so easily, so calmly. She watched from the corner of her eye as Perdante and Chiron and soon Janna exchanged words. Janna told her about elementalism and about getting her a sentient weapon.

"Not to disrespect you master mage", Alaire said focusing a bit in sounding more open towards the elven mage. "... but this whole sentient weapon business. Don't you agree at least in some point that Faren actually cheated into bringing down miss Perdante? He had help, and nobody knew about it, at least it's what it seems. So if he indeed cheated, it means that miss Perdante didn't actually loose to Faren, she did not lose to the one who challenged her but another who forcefully intervened. I guess that what I'm trying to get at is, don't you think that she'd be cheating herself if she went and got a weapon similar to Faren? If you teach her elementalism it's fine, it's her own power and skill that would grow, I feel being dependent on something such as a sentient weapon, in her position would not favor her in the long run. I'm just saying it though... mages are known to be wiser so, I was just voicing an opinion".

Alaire noticed she had spoken the longest she had in a long time. But she somehow felt like she could speak her mind around all these people.

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