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The thing about Ultra Strong Glass is that the stuff shares the same problems that, say, ultra strong metal does:

Its heavier. It doesn't bend or stretch as easily, thus it is either too strong, or has the possibility to crack like a diamond. Using it under extreme pressures, for example, could be a very bad idea because the glass would have little to no give. Commercial glass does bend and warp depending on winds, pressure, temp, etc but this stuff may have a higher shatter rate due to it having a lower warp threshold.

For those reasons and more it would be incredibly stupid to, say, use it as a car windshield. You could trap yourself, could crack under some rain and temp changes more easily, etc. For those reasons, I also wouldn't use it as an aquarium for the same reason I wouldn't, say, make an aquarium out of diamond.

It has its use as cellphone and computer screens, but ultra hard doesn't make it efficient.

Just my ignorant 2 cents.

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