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Unhappy XWA choppy on a new system

I recently went on to windows 7. Got a new PC as well. Now I have a dual athlon, 2 GB of ram and 1 GB Vram nvidia gt220.

I install my XWA and I don't believe my eyes, the game runs choppy as if I had like 10 mb of ram. So I do some searching and I force the Vsync off in nvidia control panel. That really helped and the game now runs smoothly except for one annoying thing: whenever there's a big ship or a station the game goes choppy on me for a second or two when I turn towards it and it can be really annoying in a dogfight. It's like it's loading a new ship very slowly. If someone knows how to fix this, please help. I already tried Reimar's patch and it didn't work.

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