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New version of Scummbler (v2 r12).
  • Fix drawBox modifying main opcode instead of auxilliary opcode.
  • Fix drawObject using wrong sub-opcode.
  • Fix saveVerbs/restoreVerbs outputting the wrong opcode.
  • Fix SetPalColor outputting a word instead of a byte for last parameter.
  • Fix the auxilliary opcode values for SetPalColor, drawBox, setRGBRoomIntensity.
  • Supports new descumm formatting, also with support for legacy descumm. Some workarounds in place since descumm's output is still a bit buggy.

(EDIT: removed, see below for latest version)

I tried testing the CursorCommand instructions, but I couldn't see any problems in the output or parsing.

Funny thing is, I submitted the patch to descumm to add all the semicolons and tidy up the code, but forgot to upload the updated Scummbler that supported it. I didn't get the descumm patch quite right, there's now semicolons in odd places, but Scummbler will support them. I'll try to get around to submitting another descumm patch.

Let me know if you find any more problems.

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