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I thought this topic could use an update. Some significant info has turned up in the last few months.

We've got an article on Traits:
At a basic level, traits make you better at what you choose to do. You slot traits in order to modify skills and attributes. Once you have mastered a handful of traits they become a key component in creating your overall build.
Then there's a very interesting one on healing and death:
Rather than being presented with immediate failure, when a player loses all of their health in Guild Wars 2, they are put into "downed mode." In this mode, the player has a number of downed skills they can use to target enemies and fight for a chance to survive. A downed player can still be attacked, which will send them into a defeated state, leaving them to either wait for an ally to resurrect them or to resurrect at a waypoint.
And two "new" classes have been revealed, the Warrior and the Ranger.

Accompanying the articles are new screenshots which do look nice in my opinion, though I'm still seeing those faces from Guild Wars that were also in lesser known Korean MMO's.

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