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Thanks a lot for that update. Unfortunately, this gives me some new problems.

I have a bunch of old scripts I'm still editing, thus downward compatibility would be good.
I'm getting strange errors like "Error parsing input file: Duplicate label declaration on line 1: 0000 (at char 0), (line:1, col:1)" when "startScript(189,[170,5]);" doesn't have the semicolon at the end, but compiles fine with it. In my current example, this particular instruction is located in line 76, not 1.
The old version worked fine just without any semicolons at all. Couldn't you just ignore them, if present?

Similar problems occur with additional ')' characters, which the old descumm put in on some instructions. It weren't too much a hassle for me to fix in my script files, if it weren't for those cryptic error message which take me forever to figure out what's wrong.

And I noticed, the string handling changed in descumm too. Instead of those decimal '^###', there is now '\##x'. Can I still use my old scripts, or do I have to change them too?

I can't reproduce any CursorCommand problems too. I don't remember what I did. I'll post, if it occurs again.
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