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Former Vice President of the game publishing division of Microsoft: Ed Fries has not only recreated Halo for the Atari 2600 but also made cartridges that are playable on the Atari 2600, a game system most gamers are started with. The downside to this is that only about 100 cartridges were produced so adding it to your collection will be somewhat difficult. This game is called Halo 2600. Halo 2600 started out as a simple project to better help Fries understand the Atari and the way it worked but it turned into a finished game that was reveled recently at the Las Vegas Classic Gaming Expo. One of the things that made creating this game difficult was the fact that he could only use 4 kilobytes of memory. As for a brief summary of the game itself: you are Master Chief and you fight various forms of Covenant through 64 rooms finally ending with a Boss Battle. If you want to play this game go to

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