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((I'll take your word for it Tsy. Hey did you want to create a cadet that would try to cheat?))

Aruko when through the first portion of the exam with a fine tooth comb at a pace he developed during his high school years. It allowed him to work in a timely pace to answer every question and finish before time was up. It was the vocabulary and reading comprehension portion. Personally he thought that it was kind of silly to have this section but his mother pointed out that if you couldn't understand the basic tenets of being a soldier, how in the Frontier Colonies were you going to be able to understand the finer aspects. After that he conceded that she was correct.

He did admit that the reading selections were good ones. He was secretly pleased that he got a portion of the Iliad as it was one of his favorites. The last selection he suspected was something that Krishna would have had put in the exam. It was from Shakespeare's Henry V, the part that had "We few, we happy few. We band of brothers." He glanced up at Krishna who was tapping his stylus and was looking at him with an amused grin. It only heightened Aruko's suspicion that Krishna put that selection in on purpose.

That portion finished, Aruko initialed the last page and hit the send button. He waited until he received the confirmation that it had been received before starting on the next section: Mathematics. He nearly thumped his head when sifted through the pages and found that there were some basic quantum equations in there. True that was an option in schools but most students didn't take it due to the fact that they were specifically for FedCON forces. He took the course but he didn't expect the problems to be like that. He decided to save them for last and more time to work on them. He risked looking at his new friends to get an idea of how they were doing.


Irene went through the basics in the maths easily. It had been her best subject in school and she knew that for any consideration in Fleet you had to have better than decent scores. The quantum basics took some time and she took to tapping her stylus as she thought. She only hoped that Damien was having better luck on the equations.


Devon was sitting back in his chair easily answering the questions put forth on the exam. Being Anatolian, he had the advantage of knowing more about about the higher maths and in classical works and critical thinking. He smirked as he watched the losers try to answer the questions to their exams.

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