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"When do we get to kick some Sith bun?! Oh, and how long will it be till we get to that ship?"

Cade stared at the child. "Dont get cocky. We're facing an army of Imperial Troops and Sith Apprentices. This isnt a game!" he handed Tino a Breathing Mask. "Hell, this isnt even a place normally ideal for a child such as yourself. Stick close by us, and you'll do fine."

"As for your second question..." he pulled out a mobile holographic projector and switched it on, which projected a view of the Imperial ships circling around the planet. "It depends on how long it will take for them to find us. It could take anywhere between now and few hours by the most. In the meantime, we should hide within the hidden compartments of the ship."

Cade walked off and headed towards the ships security/lounge area and towards the main holographic projector. He lifted a panel, big enough for everybody to squeeze through the man-hole. "After you." he insisted everyone. "Follow the main cables, they will lead you down the hidden passages."
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