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Wow, I cannot even begin to explain how much I loved this game when I played it... first "real" next-gen experience for me (have it on 360, so crushed I can't run it on my crappy PC). Right away the graphics blew me away. The main quest was awesome, the sidequests even better, and the loot was just cool. Beat every single sidequest the game had, haha - took me FOREVER. Bought the guide just so I could find all the sidequests. The second time around, about a year ago, I loved it just as much, but I found that I despised the leveling system.

The first time around, the better loot as you increased levels was really cool to me. But the second time, you've seen it all. It bothered me how every bandit and marauder on the streets were covered in glass and daedric armor I t drove me crazy. That and the fact that the gameplay difficulty stays the same no matter what level you are. There are no "hard" enemies at low levels and no "easy" ones at high - it was just pointless. However, KOtN and SI expansions really broaden the gameplay and story and also add in some cool new features.

The thing is, all of my complaints can be fixed by mods I see out there. Fixed leveling, added areas and items, new people to meet and new cities to find - I can also recruit someone to follow me around (NOT the biggest fan kid - what a douche) So while this IS my favorite console game of all time, I really need to get a PC that can handle it so I can mod it out to see how it goes

All in all this is a f**king sweet game - I wouldn't be rambling on about it like this if I hated it!

Oh, and for lock picks I would just do my little dupe cheat. If you don't want to cheat, take the thieve's guild sidequest. You will be able to buy lockpicks from any one of the dealers, or whatever you want to call them. That or just pickpocket them. They don't care.

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