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Originally Posted by rmart View Post
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit edition
RADEON 4870 (x2 not in crossfire)

Killing the explorer.exe process and running xwingtie.exe from the task manager fixed the horrible video and coloration in the registration desk view and the briefing room view but when 3D hardware is enabled I still get that black blockiness when in space.

Anything I missed?
Hi rmart,

I've had success with getting rid of the black squares with 3d accelaration with x-wing95 by downloading ddraw.dll from and putting it in the same directory as the game executable.

The direct link to the file is

I haven't tested with Tie95, Xwing vs Tie or Balance of Power yet.

I'm running Win7 64bit with an ati 5770.

Hope this helps. I was very disappointed to discover these series of games didn't work with Win7 and my new video card.

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