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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Iron Heel, Iron Hand: Chapter I

Non SW fiction: Chess as a metaphor

Not being into chess, I had some rough going, but understand the concept well enough to enjoy it. The idea that someone god alone knows where is going to set you up on a date is new enough to the modern world that we can have fun with it. I’ve always enjoyed the idea that I’ll find my ‘true’ love halfway around the world and it would be impossible for us to get together.

Bedtime story Star wars KOTOR version
Revan sama

Post KOTOR: There are reasons men dread telling children bedtime stories…

The situation is fun, three friends telling their ‘nephew’ a story. The mother being upset is a given, especially when young children are little digital sound recorders when you don’t want them to use the words is bad enough, but I think the explanation of what the words meant, lying like a Persian rug, didn’t help.

Pick of the Week


The Darkness of Loss

KOTOR Aboard Leviathan: Carth has flashbacks of exactly why he is there to kill Karath

The piece is perfect from the vengeance angle. He knows why he is there, and everything is perfect.

The Real World

KOTOR on Taris: Carth remembers his own loss, and plots his revenge

The piece is like a gem laid on a piece of silk, revealing it’s perfection. Carth’s pain is balanced perfectly with the necessity.

What is the Force?

PreKOTOR: Do we have the right person?

The piece suggests that anyone could play the part… But the choice doesn’t work for me.

Father Figures

KOTOR on Manaan: What does it mean?

The piece delves into different views of the same scene, and leaves you considering the same scene from different views.

I promise

KOTOR in the sewers: Mission learned her work ethic from somewhere…

The idea that Griff, that total loser actually taught his sister something was astounding. The piece flowed so well I wished I could have read their entire life story.

Plot Twists, Chapter One

KOTOR on Taris: A continuation of Plot Twist

The scene is funny in that with four main characters taking the Revan role, you have a chance to do all of the things you might have considered or refused. The idea that they have a backstory themselves leads to wondering what their counterparts are doing back at the university. By the way, does anyone else have a provenance on the name of that university?

No Good Deed

TSL on Malachor V: The title says it all

The piece is poignant in that what the Exile says is true; her good deeds led to pain and death for others. Her fury at the end with this simple fact is borne out in the last sentence

Carth's Obsession
Evil Hobo

Post KOTOR: He is a little obsessed…

The piece is short and strange

From Memory
Fireteam Torch

KOTOR on Taris: There are good reasons they memory wipe droids.

The piece is funny in that most of it is from the droid’s point of view. Suggesting that T# had been programmed to be stubborn is cute, and having him automatically break her out of jail was perfect.

An exiles tale
Phoenix 13X

TSL on Peragus: Generic retelling of the beginning of the game

The piece as I said is merely a generic recount of the starting portion


PreKOTOR on Taris: Zaalbar’s first Lifedebt

The piece is interesting because we have a woman as lethal as Revan having Zaalbar commit himself to a life debt to her. We do not know what happens from this point on but it sounds interesting.

Pick of the Week

I'm Getting Too Old For This

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Jolee at home

The idea that the Jedi knew where Jolee was is interesting, and having Master Vrook treat him like a maiden aunt dragooned into baby sitting was cute. Having dealt with Revan once before, it gives you an idea of why he is so cantankerous.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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