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Cap! Dee! great to see you both, look me up on FB on the MOTS group. I just thought I would put this down for perspective of how young we were lol

Name Real Name Age Profile
CapHuge Mark 31 Profile
MAX Max 19 Profile
Kuatnom Andy 20 Profile
LAW Brian 20 Profile
Valiant Matt 19 Profile
Sparks Mark 43 Profile
DOTTI Pierce 23 Profile
Oz1310 Steve 16 Profile
Cmndr Keen Ryan 19 Profile
Mst3k James 22 Profile
MajiC Tom 24 Profile
SpyDer Alex 20 Profile
Allies L.B. 3 n/a
Mango Jeff 34 n/a
BIG DEE Darren 30 n/a
Sithlord Jeff 16 n/a
HoMiE Ken 22 n/a

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