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I'm nearly done making changes to the installer but I'm still confused by your version of EMI. As far as I know V1.1 is the latest release and that version is the last patch that Lucasarts released. It would seem that you have some unknown version - not just the game with the patch slipstreamed but a version beyond that.

Just to clarify (and to record it here for anyone else in the future):

You have the English version of EMI
Its an official genuine release
The readme identifies it as v1.2 of EMI (and ingame in the gee-whiz screen)
Your version includes patch.m4b and secrets.m4b

If possible can you send me secrets.m4b, monkey4.exe and the readme? I'm particularly interested in secrets.m4b - your dir listing shows it to be an 8 byte file - but it doesn't exist in my EMI - either patched or unpatched.

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