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Chapter XII – Ashes To...Ashes?

Five Years. Nothing had been the same. Then again, I liked the fact that it wasn't. However, it was difficult to go on, since what I now did wasn't serving aboard a ship, or even working for the Republic. I can't exactly say they just let me go, as I'd technically abandoned them the moment that I'd sided with Admiral Siyn. I wasn't getting credits from the Sith either, so it was a moot point. What I did do, however, to have some money coming in, was obvious. Bounty Hunting. Nearly every populated world like Coruscant was looking for people to eliminate their enemies. These were usually gang leaders, club owners, or even mob bosses, who were simply looking for any pathetic creature that would gladly take up a weapon to destroy their competition, or as some put it, their problem. The special ops training I'd received had given me an edge in most of my jobs, but it was a profession that marked you in such a way that only corpses, and a warm barrel would assure you a long life. There could be more working for me than just that, but I really didn't want to buy into the Force. Not to mention that after the war, seeing a Jedi became just as rare as seeing someone just hand you credits.

I worked, mostly, for a almost uncorrupted Hut, who found the idea of a human bounty hunter interesting, but also expendable. He valued his other hunters, who were all either Twi'leks, Duros, Rodians, or even Mandalorians. So this put him in an unusual position. He'd rather not risk them dying, so he sent me on all the high-risk bounties. At some point, he came to regret that. Not because he lost me, but because he intended to keep the credits he usually ended up paying me.

“Come on you schutta!” I yelled at the Twi'lek female, who I'd just captured. Found her in one of the high-class clubs, trying to woo any male species into buying her drinks. The main reason there was a bounty on her in the first place, was that she was, 'sick', or so it was put. I didn't ask how she infected you, but I was told that you'd end up insane first, and then you'd die after you've lost your sense of self – meaning that you would have no idea that you were insane, and you might even humiliate yourself before you kicked it. She was bold enough to try the same stunt with me, but I knocked her to the floor and slapped the stun-cuffs on her. Most of the males found this display agreeable, so much so that even the bartender didn't even think of stopping it.

“Quit being so rough!” She said to me, her voice far lighter then my own. I'd stripped her of weapons before I got her into my speeder, and that took a while. Mostly, because she had a few where most wouldn't think to look – only because they had a decency code. I had no such thing, and she even scoffed when I found the knives, or that could've been a moan. I don't know.

I walked her into the Hutt's chambers, and he smiled. “Once again, you come through on a deal. I should really stop thinking of you as a human.”

“What, you think I'm so inexperienced that I would die at the hands of her? No chance.” I let the Twi'lek go, and one of the Hutt's guards took her away.

Truthfully, I hatted both the Hutt species and the language they spoke. Which was compounded by the fact that I'd known Huttese since I learned it from a friend in the Academy. Having it was a blessing, but having to majorly deal with people who only knew and spoke that language, was just the opposite. Svenga was even so arrogant that a requirement for speaking with him was knowing, and being fluent in Huttese. Just the sort of pretentious crap I can't stand. But obviously I knew it, so I was let in that day.

“Anything other post you'd like me to 'waste' myself on?” I asked him.

“Sadly, no. But I have something else for you, which might just be what gets your hands out of my pocketbook.” He nodded at a guard, who brought me a data-pad. “I don't exactly know who he is, but he did mention Enigma Corp when I spoke with him. He requested you specifically, but he isn't asking for a corpse, or a live one.”

I looked over the information, which just confirmed what Svenga said. “Mercenary work? Its not a stretch, but you wouldn't question it.”

I knew of the Enigma Corporation. They ran just like Czerka, though they didn't exactly go for the 'Profits Above All' creed. Also, they majorly involved themselves with pharmaceuticals, weapons, ships, and various other prospects. Supposedly run by a mysterious man, who was almost never named on the holo-net. Why they would want me to work for them was a mystery. Though I wanted to unravel it, as would be expected.

A few days later, I found myself walking into 'Resurrection', which was one of the most decadent nightclubs on Coruscant. Every manner of bandit, bounty hunter, thug, gang member, or whatever else you can think of, passed through here. I wasn't getting stares, though like always, I seemed like the weak willed female walking in a den of Kath Hounds. How I loved to prove that wrong.

I walked up to the bartender, who simply nodded. “I'm looking for someone called the 'Prophet'. You know if he's here?”

The guy raised an eyebrow, but them pointed into a dark corner. The figure wasn't discernible in the darkness, though that obviously wasn't true when I got closer. Rather than being male, it was a female with blue skin, white hair and red eyes, along with a white synth-leather outfit. She looked up at me, smiling with rows of needle-like teeth.

“You would be Victoria Cole. Formerly a Lieutenant in the Republic Navy, serving...Mercedes Siyn – who has since been killed in action five years ago, as far as you are aware. After you left the ranks of the Sith Navy upon her death, you turned to bounty hunting, using skills gained in the Republic Academy to hunt down and turn in bounties for money, which is why you are still dressed in fashions like those.” She smiled. “Forgive me, I tend to know much about those around me. It is both because of my species, and my training in the force.” She stood. “I am Mina Nelvoss.”

I sat down opposite her. “So what does Enigma want with me?”

Smiling again, she drank again from the luminous red liquid in her glass. “I don't know the exactly details, as my work for them has not yet begun. Aside from seeking you out, I was told go directly to a space station that is currently orbiting...M4-78, I believe they said. Beyond that, I am just as in the dark about this as you are.”

I laughed at her joke, since we both sat in darkness, aside from the dim white light that barely allowed me to see my own hands. She was obviously someone I could trust, but for whatever reason, I was somewhat wary of Enigma. I had no idea what I would be doing for them, much less whether or not they would pay me to do it. There were a million possibilities, but the right one is, as always, unknown to me. Even if her information could be trusted, there was still one small problem.

“How exactly are we going to get there? I mean, I don't have a ship, much less the credits to get one.”

There was that smile again. “That is one detail that you don't need to worry about. However, I was told it would be best if we arrive there as soon as possible. They didn't cite a reason, other than something is about to happen, that we should be there to watch. Lets go.”

I later found myself sitting in the cockpit of her ship, at it drifted through space. I honestly had no idea what was going to happen next. It was unsettling to have this happen, as my nervousness would not stop. At least on Coruscant, I could usually guess what people would do, or what would happen around me. But now, I had this really bad feeling. Like something bad was either going to happen to me, or to someone else. It wasn't like this before, when I was aboard a ship. Even more, I felt this ghostly pain, which if it was real, just might've killed me.

Mina handed me a drink before she took her place in the captain's chair. “Something wrong?”

I shook my head. “Not really. I just feel odd about this. I guess its fear of the unknown. Don't you feel the same way?”

She seemed to relax herself. “In a way. But from what I can tell, this isn't going to be something usual. I doubt Enigma would want to hire those like us for anything trivial. It must be something major, else they would be just as secretive as they always are. If I can guess, they might just want to help do something that requires individuals that aren't just your ordinary mercenary, or soldier. “

I drank what she'd given me, noticing that I felt a little better. “Whats your story? You know much about me, but I don't know nearly as much about you.”

“Its only natural that you want to know. Its something that allows sentient species to coexist, and to trust one-another. But my story is not nearly as glorious as you might expect. Coruscant is a wonderful place, but sometimes, any place is better when you are full human. As a kid, I wasn't nearly as intelligent or skilled as I am now. My parents were killed very early, so that left me to fend for myself. Even then, I didn't want pity. What I wanted was to be strong. I wasn't angry, or withholding hate for those who kill my parents, I just wanted the ability to defend myself if something like that ever happened to me.”

“Let me guess. You went to the Jedi, right?”

Nodding, she continued. “Yes, but it wasn't that simple. A Jedi Master found me, which I'm fairly sure happens to most. But as a Jedi, I had just what I wanted. Though as you might imagine, I wasn't one to hang on every word that came out of the Council's mouth. When word of the Mandalorian Wars came to the Jedi Temple, I sided with Revan when she wished to help the Republic. Just like you inadvertently did, when you served Mercedes.”

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