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Alaire was beginning to feel uncomfortable by the sudden interest of both Perdante and Chiron on her because she was a reaver. Perhaps she should have never mentioned her former job. But it was going to come out sooner or later once they got to the Kyngdom. Alaire simply took a breath and looked away from them.

"To become a reaver, all you need is to be consumed by hate. Most of us when we started, we had a deep hate for someone and that someone usually became our first. For me, my first was my entire home village", Alaire said as she looked down, her eyes were beginning to tear. "I had been discriminated, insulted, looked down upon and abused ever since I was a small child in the elven village I grew up in only because of the mix of my blood. When my village was attacked by soldiers, one reaver took me from the hell I was in and put me in another but this time giving me a purpose, a focus. I learned to harness the souls of my enemies for power, to feed on their life as I became stronger and stronger. But the price got too terrible, too heavy to bear. I went back to my rebuilt village, I found most of the people there that used to abuse me, seeing their happy faces, watching them not even remember the half elf girl who once lived like a pig in the horse stable. I snapped. I killed every single one of them, man, woman and child and after that I became second lieutenant. But the voices in my head became louder and louder until all I could hear was them and I couldn't get them out and so I fled".

Alaire's tears began running down her face and she cleaned them up as soon as she felt them.

"I can still hear them, in my sleep, awake... always", Alaire said.

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