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Originally Posted by Darth_Calo View Post
On another note, anything Kaiden Alenko says in Mass Effect also annoys me
Blasphemer! Kaiden's voice was awesome!

Y'know, uhh...despite being Carth's voice, which I absolutely hated. Guess it was because Kaiden didn't whine all the time.

The male Shepard's voice, on the other hand...(/shudder). I started playing ME1 as a male just to see the differences in the story, but by the time I was half-way through the Citadel, I wanted to strangle the PC just because of his voice. Also, pretty much any conversation with Liara had me grinding my teeth together. (The "Embrace Eternity" line was the worst, hehe.)

Other games...

Final Fantasy X: Tidus's voice was bland. His "laugh" was worse, somehow managing to remind me of a constipated owl instead of, y'know...laughing. Wakka practically reduced me to tears whenever he opened his mouth. Yuna was sorta like Tidus's voice pitched a little higher. Frankly, the only voice in the whole game that didn't annoy me at least a quarter of the time was Auron's voice.

Those are the main game voices I can think of. (shrug)

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