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Akeirra almost wanted to cry at the first segment of the test. FedCON knew her English wasn't good; why did they bombard her with the language itself at the beginning of her entrance exam? She bit the inside of her lower lip and plunged on, determined. The reading comprehension questions were only a little better, and then only when she realized most of them had something to do with being a soldier. Her expression changed visibly to one of relief when the vocabulary and reading comprehension was over.

She actually looked happy when the test moved her on to dealing with numbers. Though they looked drastically different in her native script, put up three fingers and it was still three units, no matter where you were. She'd mastered English numbers quickly and she dove into the next few sections with a massive grin on her face. She knew this stuff.

Rani on the other hand was locked in a tense mood the entire test. She knew more equations than passages of literature, but her knowledge was fairly widespread and she flat-out hated written tests. In her mind, they were only good for telling who was paying attention in class. While that was a decent enough goal and it helped you keep the complete morons out of the vital fleet positions, they always slipped in trick questions here and there. Rani hated tricks and she always distrusted exams for that reason.

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