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In Dragon Age Origins, Leliana always yells 'AAAAAHHHH!!!' (worst battle cry ever) whenever a battle starts. It's really annoying. I never liked her anyways (dunno why specifically, her personality just irks me), so I never talk to her nor have her in any party, EVER. In fact, I might just not let her even join the group at all in my next game.

In Star Wars the Force Unleashed, Kota always says 'Pull down that star destroyer!' and the way he pronounces 'Destroyer' sounds a bit distorted , which really gets on my nerves. It sounds like 'Destr-oo-y-er' or something.

There's also 'Do a barrel roll' and 'You must construct additional pylons' in two other games. XP

Please feed the trolls. XD

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