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Ok pal, this is my first reskin in RC modding, the only game i modded was PoP 2008, so, it may be not as good as you would like it, but i tried

-Don't worry with the Blue part in "Fixer" shoulder, in your RC will be green. The only thing i edit in him was the visor
-I let some red parts in Sev so he can look more like a savage (spartan mod on XD), you can see the red hand parts in his backpack and his face
-I changed your HUDarms too!
-Apart from the yellow parts, Scorch is totaly recolored.

Some pics:

Sorry if the recolor is bad, i'm new in RC modding.

Open your Unrealed
import the three commando skins into clonetextures-clonetextures, import hudarms into hudarmstextures-hudarms

I wanna thank N-5/Prudii for all the help till here!

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