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((Lol. Devon would more likely try to show up his lessers))

Aruko initially sensed the distress Akierra went through and concluded that it was the language barrier. He would have liked to say a couple of words of encouragement but with the way Cul was marching with other proctors, he decided against it. The best he could do was silently wish her and all his friends good luck.

At 01300, Aruko finally reached the critical essay portion. He had two hours to write on one of two prompter issues. He tapped the send to send the military history portion off to whoever and set down reading the instructions. There were two questions and he only had to pick one.

Consider the Calaurus Prime rebellion of 2197. Do you agree that the Minister of Science acted accordingly in regards to negotiating trade relations with the Calaurians? Why or why not? Use evidence to support.

Aruko frowned. He disliked ever learning about that in school. He thought it was complete mismangement from the start and done out of greed since the jeneraux crystals were used in powering the quantum drives on certain classes of FedCON ships. He considered it not one of FedCON's greater moments. His eyes skipped to the second one,

It is claimed that the Anatolian Consortium influence was necessary to achieve the technology required to travel greater regions of space...

"Might as well write about Calaurus," Aruko muttered to himself. He had an equally low opinion of the assumed superiority of Anatolians, at least those like the jerk sitting near the back. Might as well write about something that he disagreed with and was passionate about. He immediately began forming a web chart of ideas and evidence for the Calaurus question.


Devon supressed a yawn when he got to the critical essay portion. He eyed his questions before selecting the one that he wished to do. He glanced up and say the half-breed scowling at his questions. Hmpf. Looks like one who thinks he knows more. He then continued to write.


Irene was finishing the last of the military history questions. She felt for sure that she failed that section. It would be embarrasing to be placed at the beginner level but she was prepared to accept it. The anxious feeling stayed while she read her critical essay questions. She glanced upward trying to think about what to do. She read the questions again. Made her choice and began to write.

((Note: Critical essay questions are randomly assigned. If you want to write a particular question, go ahead."

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