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Planet: Iridonia

Well there comes a time when you begin to learn new skills and you try new things. about 3 months ago i learned how to make custom areas by re-using old ones and have been playing around with it ever since. I never got far into a project that involved it but i think im ready for that

Any way Im proud to annouce my latest Project Iridonia. For a while now i've been making mods involving the iridonians and have come to be quite fond of them.

Any way back to the planet. I have began planning quests for the mod and have the scripting knowledge to ge them to work. the planet will consist of 3 areas. the Main city, the Mayor Office and The Apartments.

Now its a good time to mention that in the past my mods have been tagged as "Colourful"

Holty12345 is back again, with a new robe pack for the first Knights of the Old Republic game. The textures in this mod are... Colourful to say the least.
Any way its all good someone coming out making a W.I.P with no work... well im one of them.... NOT!

So far all i have done is re-skin the main city and i have Pictures

Here are the ones that i have not editted the brightness of in GIMP

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Show spoiler

Now the Brighter ones

Show spoiler

First: Yes it know its colourful thats just how i roll
Second: Yes i Know it may hurt your eyes
3rd: You can sue me if you go blind whilst looking at the Pics
4th: Dont just post things like "Bright" or "Ew" as that doesnt help any one and makes me

So what do you think......

P.S this is Non-canon it will not be like how wookiepedia descripes it. so i would have more of a free-range with it
I also know that it is the Iridorians (Zabrak things) that really live their. quite frankly i feel that the Iridonians should be on Iridonia due to the names

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