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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
I could see the needles... They helped prevent the spread of HIV. But pipes? Sheesh....
Exactly. The needles I can somewhat tolerate, since addicts can give non-addicts AIDS. However there is absolutely no excuse to give them crack pipes.

Originally Posted by Crack Pipe Distributor
We say this is our community, this is our neighborhood, and we should decide what we have at the table.
Oh really, the entire University District belongs to a tiny group of like-minded "former" (sure...) addicts, and not, say, the general population of the district? These people seem to assume that everyone in the U district also feel that attracting the drug addicts from across the city is a totally good thing.

For the addicts, it's tremendously convenient: College students are ripe targets for mugging, so there's the money for the drugs themselves, and then walk a block or so for your free pipe.

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