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((OK, I've given up on the idea of one cadet trying to cheat. I've got a better idea in mind anyway...))

Test answers were coming in fast and furious, and Tally Voltaic smiled. I was always one of the kids who wanted to finish first, she mused, just to show how smart I was, and how much faster on my feet than the others. However, sometimes that backfired on me. I often thought of my best ideas after I was done with the test, and wished I hadn't been so hasty in the first place. She sighed and began to grade. So far, so good, guys, but...

The first couple of submissions weren't so bad--a few errors here and there, but nothing which deserved a failing grade. However, as she progressed, Tally began to wonder if the cadets who had turned in their sections early had just been incredibly lucky or if a larger plan had been at work. For one thing, many of their answers contained remarkable similarities, and the more of the exams she graded, the fewer and fewer errors she found. Either this group of first-years was full of utter geniuses who should immediately be promoted, or...

"Krishna," she whispered as quietly as she dared. "Please? I need help." She turned her head toward her own console, while Sergeant Cul looked up from his patrolling rounds. What's going on? Hah! It's just like her to be confused by the electronic grading system instead of the pencil-and-paper way.
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