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Originally Posted by Wildstar View Post
A possible solution (and one that doesn't require using the "XWA Hacker") was posted in this suggested d/l'ing ddraw.dll (the DirectDraw support file from earlier versions of DirectX) and placing it in the same folder as the game's executable. The above-linked thread linked the d/l location.
Thanks for the reply. I was messing around with it for hours and ended up fixing it. I turned down the star fields in the in game config and its perfect now. All 3D objects are visible. I used your solution to fix Tie95. It fixed the black squares I was getting. Just placed the ddral file in my tie95 directory. The xhacker I used in xwa.
I tried it with xwing vs tie but it didn't work,(ddraw file). TURN DOWN THE STAR FIELDS. ATI users.
Strange, the games pushing 20 years and were shutting star fields etc down so we can play. If they came out with a new version it probably wouldn't be as popular. Lucasarts should release a modern patch which facilitates modern systems.

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