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It is nonprofit charitable organization acting in what they believe is best for interest of their community. They are obeying the laws of their state legislator set forth. They are not a government entity and as such don’t need to prescribe to the mortality set forth by the community. If you disagree, then do not donate to their cause. End of story.

Don’t know anything about illegal drug use beyond what it has done to friends and family member. Same goes for HIV. However, I do know enough that I can agree with Michael Hanrahan when he said it is “theoretically plausible” that someone cutting their lip on a glass pipe could spread HIV. Is it likely probably not, but possible nevertheless.

Do I support the moral choices that lead people to abuse their bodies in such a way, no. However, I do support those that seek to lessen others suffering and I also support those who attempt save taxpayers money by preventing the spread of diseases, especially those that would be a drain on society.

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