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With all do respect with some of the opinions being made here, I really don't think some of you see the main failure in this idea. It does not solve the main problem, but actually endorses it, which is the abuse of these drugs.

Even if what they are doing prevents the spread of diseases, and okay I'll give them that, it does not take away from the main fact that it really supports drug abuse. I mean, you might as well give them the damn drugs as well. Meanwhile, it's a slap in the face to authorities who have been trying to eliminate the problems of drug use and remove drugs off the streets since the beginning, plane and simple.

Look! Humanitarianism is all good and well when it's applied properly, but not with the counter measures of what they're doing. So even with their methods of trying to prevent the spread diseases, it really defeats the main purpose of stopping drug abuse and getting the scourge of it off the streets.

And they're clearly sending the drug abusers the wrong message when they are giving away these items, especially with the crack pipes and overdose prevention drugs, it's like they're saying: (Hey! It's okay buddy. Smoke it and shoot it up all you want. We just want you to abuse your drugs safely. But if you would, please try and get clean someday...okay. )

Aaaah..NO! I don't think so....nnnnnnot gonna work!

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