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Originally Posted by purifier View Post
With all do respect with some of the opinions being made here, I really don't think some of you see the main failure in this idea. It does not solve the main problem, but actually endorses it, which is the abuse of these drugs.
So what?

Do you mean if I go up to these people and tell them I do not approve and that I very disappointed in them they will stop?

Not going to happen. Iíve been a part of interventions in the past. People cried, people vented, people hugged, and in the end it all meant nothing until the person with the problem decides they want help. All in all trying to help someone quit that does not want to quit is a waste of everyones time.

At least these people are trying to keep the drug abusers alive long enough for them to come to their senses and seek help. Besides protecting someone from themselves is not an endorsement of that behavior.

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