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Originally Posted by Pho3nix View Post
Spoiler: The War on Drugs doesn't work, and it never will. People will never stop using drugs, It's a part of our history, culture and even heritage in some cases.

I wouldn't be surprised if the number of heroin addicts dropped significantly if they started prescribing it, and this doesn't just apply to the U.S - but every country. And no, I'm not saying It's going to solve the issue entirely, but I just don't believe the current 'model' is working.
Sure, I can see that...the "War on Drugs" is not THE total solution to eliminating all drug abuse, but I've also seen these tatics save some lives and prevent some from eventual overdose or being killed over drugs deals gone wrong. And it's not perfect. So yes, they are obviously going to have to revise it at some point, there is definitly some room for improvement.

Of course that is, if the powers that be, under the current administration want to really help reduce the addictions of drug abuse. But still, what these individuals in the above article are doing, is only adding fuel to the fire. And that really doesn't help the situation at all.

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
So what?

Do you mean if I go up to these people and tell them I do not approve and that I very disappointed in them they will stop?

Not going to happen. Iíve been a part of interventions in the past. People cried, people vented, people hugged, and in the end it all meant nothing until the person with the problem decides they want help. All in all trying to help someone quit that does not want to quit is a waste of everyones time.

At least these people are trying to keep the drug abusers alive long enough for them to come to their senses and seek help. Besides protecting someone from themselves is not an endorsement of that behavior.
Mimartin your kidding me..right? How is this NOT, what this group is doing, the endorsement of drug abuse? They might as well throw in a couple of bags of crack while they're at it too. There's no logic in that, it just makes it easier for them and further fuels their drug addictions. Also, they're not really helping drug abusers "come to their senses" by giving them paraphernalia. What that really does is make the suggestion, psychologically, that it's okay to do drugs and they need to use fresh needles/new crack pipes instead. And they're not totally protecting the drug users from themselves either, with the
exception of diseases of course, but what they are doing is adding to the downward spiral in the misery of abusing herion and crack.

And no Mimartin...I don't think going up to them an telling them that I don't approve and that I'm disappointed and whatever else I say, is going make them stop. Even if the truthful reality of it slapped them in the face, they'd probably still do it anyway. And probably because they really think they're helping drug abusers overall and being good samaritans about it.

And yeah, I know what your saying and where you are coming from about interventions Mimartin...I've been a part of interventions too. Rarely have I ever seen any good come from interventions either, you throw your hands in the air and say: (Oh why do I even try), but you still need to try regardless; you never just might actually reach somebody at least once. And that could make all the difference in that person's life. But unlike what these individuals are doing in Seattle, when it comes to interventions, you sure in the hell don't see people in interventions give drug abusers some paraphernalia while trying to stop their drug you?

And how would that go if they did do that btw, maybe something like this: (Hey man, seriously, you gotta stop killing yourself with the abuse of drugs dude. Because we really care about you. But here! Here are some needles and a crack pipe in case you need them. But still, we really care about you so stop using drugs dude.) Most likely that person is gonna say: (Yeeeeep....whatever you say man. Bye!) And he or she goes right out the door and on there marry little way to their local drug dealer, skipping along and singing: (I got me some neeeeedleees, I got me some neeeeedleees....gonna shoot it up now, YEAH, gonna shoot up it now, OH YEAH!)

You want to talk about a wasit of everybody's time, giving them paraphernalia like that is really a waist of everybody's time. Defeats the purpose.

Hell! Come to think of it, that would be like me telling my teenage daughter: (Okay, I want you to abstain from sexual intercourse because you really don't know what the hell your doing right now. But here's some condoms just in case, so you don't get a HIV or something. BTW, stop at the drug store sometime and get yourself some birth control pills as well. Oh wait! Here!...I'll throw in some mints too. But no sexual intercourse...understand?)

Mixed messages Mimartin...they're psychologically sending mixed messages, defeating the main purpose of trying to reduce drug addiction, and like I mentioned to's adding fuel to the fire more than anything. It doesn't help.

Originally Posted by Nedak View Post
I already covered this.
I'm a little confused Nedak. Where and how did you exactly cover......"I really don't think some of you see the main failure in this idea. It does not solve the main problem, but actually endorses it, which is the abuse of these drugs."

So enlighten me Nedak, where and how?

Originally Posted by Nedak View Post
Too bad the drug war doesn't work...blame your politicians for the drug problem, not the users.
Yeah, I DO....especially under the current administration. Some of the politicians are to blame as far as that's concern. I'm not making an argument against that Nedak, all I'm telling you is...that giving drug abusers paraphernalia supports there addiction, and it doesn't really help the matter. It hinders those who are really trying to reduce the misery and the afflictions of drug abuse within the population.

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