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"you know it would have been better if it were just the two of us. We're both familiar with each other from our pasts, it's a stealth mission to redirect enemy forces, and to call in help, not an assault on the ship itself, this group - no matter how small - will only make things difficult, if not sluggish."

Cade looked down at the man-hole, filled with the Ysanna tribesmen. Then back at Slate and Nale. Slate did raise a very good point: the fact that they were well aquainted and knew each others skills, would make an good asset to the stealth mission. Extra baggage so to speak would be unnesariy and draw unwanted attention. These cavemen, especially Tino, they knew practically nothing about: nor do they look exactly ideal for a stealth mission. But maybe that could work to an advantage.

"Your choice Skywalker. Either way, doesn't hurt my feelings."

"Wait Slate... You do make a very good point. We certainly dont need extra baggage, but we could use that to our advantage." Cade crossed his arms. "Because these people arent exactly classified as inconspicious, they make an ideal diversion to create a path to our primary goal."

"In a scenario where we need to reach from Point A to Point B, the only passage may conists of guards and obstacles." Nale analysed. "We could use them as a distraction, so as to clear a path to our objective."

"What do you think Slate? These guys were aware of the danger before they were recruited." Cade asked, picking Slate's strategic mind.
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