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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
6 words: No drug users, no drug problem.

However, I also see no reason to enable crackheads to continue with their habits. I chalk it up to misplaced compassion for miscreants. It's one thing to actually try to intervene and put someone in a detox program, another to provide them w/the paraphenalia to continue their slide. If you're going to cite potential savings for problems that might only exist if the status quo continues, I'd say that letting them die would also save a lot of money. Point being that potential $$ saved is not sufficient argument for allowing a person to commit slow suicide b/c they don't feel up to quitting just yet. Given that many crackheads are usually petty thieves, perhaps the govt should lock them up much as the mentally incompetent often are in order to protect the rest of society and even them from themselves as well.
It is impossible to eliminate drug usage.

I refuse to comment on the rest of this post because it's full of so much closed-minded -snip- and lack of compassion it makes me sick.

I'm sure you're very happy with the -snip- perception you have of yourself.

Originally Posted by purifier View Post
I'm a little confused Nedak. Where and how did you exactly cover......"I really don't think some of you see the main failure in this idea. It does not solve the main problem, but actually endorses it, which is the abuse of these drugs."

So enlighten me Nedak, where and how?
I covered as to why that statement is invalid and how it doesn't actually endorse it.

It's up to you to go and find it.

Yeah, I DO....especially under the current administration. Some of the politicians are to blame as far as that's concern. I'm not making an argument against that Nedak, all I'm telling you is...that giving drug abusers paraphernalia supports there addiction, and it doesn't really help the matter. It hinders those who are really trying to reduce the misery and the afflictions of drug abuse within the population.
As a man who has been to AA meetings, who has watched family members go through addictions, I can honestly say that it doesn't matter if you give them crack pipes or not. They're going to do it anyways. And as a rational human being that understands that these people are sick, not criminals, I wholeheartedly believe in giving these 'paraphernalia' out. A lot of these drug users/drunks will continue to use even if their drug makes it so they have no limbs...they will STILL find a way to get their fix. Killing them, isn't the solution because there will always be drug users as long as there are drugs (not to mention how many resources that would waste and the obvious moral consequences).

If one crack user is kept safe while using and eventually he decides to get sober....I call it a success.

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