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Originally Posted by Nedak View Post
It is impossible to eliminate drug usage.
You obviously missed the point. Was playing off your comment that the problem was only the politicians and not the drug users. It's unlikely we'll ever be rid of either.

I refuse to comment on the rest of this post because it's full of so much closed-minded -snip- and lack of compassion it makes me sick. I'm sure you're very happy with the -snip- perception you have of yourself.
It's not a lack of compassion to say that these people would be better off having others keep them away from the drugs (as much as humanly possible) so that they can clean up their lives. Mixed messages like giving people paraphenalia so they can continue their habit while decrying said habit as destructive does nothing to solve their problem. Thinking it makes one compassionate to do so is merely engaging in self-delusions, not genuine open-mindedness. We can both agree, w/o name calling, that crackheads need help. I'm not talking about locking them up w/violent criminals, but forcing them to undergo drug rehab and make restitution for any crimes they may have committed to support their habit is not inhumane.

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