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Originally Posted by Nedak View Post
And as a rational human being that understands that these people are sick, not criminals
I think there's an important difference: The vast majority of people who get sick don't do it on purpose; the vast majority of drug addicts start taking drugs of their own accord, knowing the illegality and other problems (of course there are exceptions where drugs are forced on people, but these are far from the majority of cases).

However, I still believe they deserve to be treated humanely. Where we differ is what we consider humane. You believe that they will do drugs no matter what, so we might as well make the drugs as safe as possible and hope that they will quit of their own accord (at least this is what I gathered from your posts, correct me if I misinterpreted you). I know that it is possible to prevent them from using drugs if you put them somewhere where they cannot have access to them. Ideally, this would not be prison, unless of course the addict committed a crime other than drug use (assault, robbery, etc.). It would be more similar to a mental institution.

From where I see it, this would be far more humane than letting them spiral further downward into a wasted life.

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