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Thx for this collection of saves, with the latest kse, it works fine. however I would have a question for you. The problem is, that if I use one of the tsl saves, and with that I use the dummy files solution with the sig files on my xbox 360, playing kotor 2, the game dont see the savegame at all, and if I use my x360 kotor 2 save, edit that, and try to use it, the savegame is a "damaged save" according to kotor 2 load menu. Hope that I had succesfully express my problem to you, for I am quite quite annoyed, as I can't play the game on x360 for at least a week (never could), but kotor 1 I played on my x360 succesfully without any problems.
Pls help.
PS: I don't want to sound arrogant, but If it is possible, couldn't you create a quite little (I'm stuck at peragus station mining tunnels because of a freeze always) xbox save? It would mean a lot, and I think it would help my cause.
If not, than I would be just as glad naturally, if I could solva the problems with your saves I have.


Edit: Right!

So after half a day of pain, as I tried to make the saves work on my x360 played kotor 2, I just couldn't. The thing is, that I was able to see them, after I switched character, however after I try to load them, it's said that the savegame is damaged. I do believe, that I have followed each and every step the kse nfo mentioned (including those .sig files), but I am at an impasse. It would be quite urgent for me, for I haven't been able to play TSL, even though I managed to play kotor 1 on the same x360, I have invested far too much, that I'd give up this.
Please, if someone out there reading, each and every help would be appreciated. Please write down the method, of making a legitimate xbox savegame (edited by kse) and how to make it work - the very least in theory - , and where to put it exatly on the x360 hdd (I would say that I do now where, but after the stress, I'm a little unsure now).

Waiting for an answer sincerily and respectfully

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