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Coruscant Entertainment Center

KotOR Film

KOTOR aboard Endar Spire: The retelling from a new angle

The piece is good journeyman work. As to how it is done, to quote Tom Lehr, ‘This I know from nothing’. The integration of two new characters, the Selkath Jedi and the extremely nasty Twi-Lek female makes some interesting twists.

Millennial: Chapter I

NonSW: A quiet little dinner with an interesting group meeting

The piece is well wrought as all of Tysyacha’s work is. The evening is a normal dinner party except for the guests, and even the youngest human in the group has her own special ability to enliven it.

Pick of the Week

The Darker Side of the Mirror
Lady Azar de Tameran

Post KOTOR: Bastila looks back

The piece is short, but poignant. He aversion to mirrors is because she doesn’t want to see what she has become. There is little regret, and almost no remorse, but part of her seems to wish she could turn back the clock enough to fix this.

Miss Becky

TSL enroute to Korriban: Bao Dur contemplates the last act in his life…trying to kill the one he admires.

The piece is excellent in it’s darkness. Both Bao Dur and the Disiple know what must happen, and while they regret it, will stand and die.

Pick of the Week

Rand, Atton Rand
Fox Lupine

TSL on Onderon: A surprise when someone leaves.

The piece was a bit confusing because while she is acting like a dark Jedi, the Exile’s reactions are also more like a child who feels betrayed, first by a mentor, now by a friend. It leaves you wondering what will happen next.

Childe at heart

TSL Aboard Ebon Hawk: Attom remembers the last Jedi he killed.

The piece has some interesting twists. The Exile having been informed of what Atton had been, but backing off. Then the revelation of the relationship that dead Jedi had with the Exile. A very enjoyable piece

A souleating problem

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: A soul eater targets Atton

The piece flows well and foreboding looms. I didn’t have time to read more than the first segment, but it’s looking good.

Pick of the Week

Falling away
The Lady Revan

Post KOTOR: Revan gives one last gift

The piece is poignant, the struggle to save both Revan and the child, the fall, and her end. Then the boy now a young man remembering what he had been told as a toddler.

Pick of the Week


The Way Things Were, Prologue

KOTOR: Revan receives a disturbing vision.

The piece is dark and disturbing.


Pre Mandalorian Wars: A rather intriguing scene

The piece suggests so much, and I should slap my dirty minded little self. Bastila doing something stupid (Go figure) to impress Revan. Both Revan and the Exile frantically covering it up, and all of them scrubbing floors afterward was choice.

Pick of the Week


18 years Post KOTOR: Carth dies, and is reunited with his first love

The piece is poignant, with Morgana who, like we imagine the afterlife seeing what happened after she had left the stage. She is still bitter that Carth had moved on, and Carth only hopes that when Revan dies, she will be as easy to love for Morgana.

Where the Light Begins Chapter One

PreKOTOR: A twist in the same old story

The piece was good because suddenly Revan was demoted from the Dark Lord to a bit player by her own twin. The idea is accepted a bit too readily, but the end leaves you with a ‘what is going to happen next feeling. I would love to read it all, but may never have the time.

Sithy Sithy Heart

KOTOR on the Unknown Planet: What torture really made Bastila turn to the dark side? The answer will surprise you.

The piece starts off pretty generic, Bastila being tortured, but then it segues, and horror of horrors, it becomes something out of a Country Western Honky-tonk bar. Since I feel the same way about most Country Western music, I can understand why she pleads to be a Dark Jedi rather than endure it. Just the start of the scene was enough to make me grin, and by the end I was laughing.

Pick of the Week


Pre-Mandalorian Wars: Revan departs, but not before talking with those left behind

The piece flows well, and it is a logical scene. Others have commented on the strange unwillingness to fight within the council, and I have always wondered about it myself. If you are sworn to protect a group, why do they force you to stay out of what would be the fight of their lives? The explanations given in the games makes little or no sense; especially when you consider that if the few Jedi that had gone were to have stayed home, neither game would have happened. There would have been no Malachor V, no Jedi Civil War, no Darth Nihilus or Sion.

Pick of the Week

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