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Tally finally found the console interface that would allow her to communicate with Krishna without disturbing the test-takers. Take a look at this, she typed. I'm sending you a link that will allow you direct access to my screen. Sometimes Tally amazed her fellows, being a sort of "idiot savant" with technology. The simplest tasks in the FedCON system would often confound her, and yet oftentimes, she would find rare pathways through the labyrinth that even the most keen computer whizzes could not! However, those moments were few and far between. This one allowed Krishna to see what was going on with Tally's console--and her students. What Khrishna saw confused and amazed him: Could there actually be so many perfect, or near-perfect, scores here?!

See what I mean? Tally typed. I don't think this is a console glitch...
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