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Got my 460gtx after Q's advice and thinking it all through... plus the results of those 460's sli'd beating the 480 was quite interesting - thanks to Astro and Q for keeping me informed!

The 460 rocks as a folder... now I just have to get my 250gts working in my old Dell box.

On that note, and this is the wrong place to ask... I forgot to computer uninstall my BFG gt210 before physically uninstalling it and installing the 250. Result: BSOD 0x7b, which has to be a driver issue. Cannot boot to Safe Mode. Sigh.

Repair install or just Nuke it? I have everything backed up, but I also have limited installs on ME2 before I have to lock horns with EA, and you know... all the installing, updating, blah blah blah.

Want to play a game of ME3MP?
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