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Finished with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? yesterday. Philip K. Dick's seminal novel reads like a blend of the sci-fi pulp fiction he wrote previously and the cyberpunk of Gibson and Stephenson that would follow him.

Compared to Blade Runner, DADoES is less grandiose and much more personal about discussing human-android relations while commenting on the fate of organised religion in a future where you may use machines to select what emotion you want to feel like, the fate of humanity left behind on a barely inhabitable Earth after a radioactive war.

Having finished with that, I've picked up Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, which appears to be a colourful, postmodern and poetic work that has Marco Polo describing the cities he has seen in his travels to Kublai Khan. It is written with an unbridled imagination and its very creatively constructed cities are embedded with observations of our own urban culture, a drawing out of unspoken conventions and structural relations that proper postmodernism is supposed to convey.

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