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proper postmodernism
now there's a curious arrangement of letters.

* * *

I love DADoES My avvie at another tech site is a geeky homage to it. I also thoroughly recommend the audio book version of DADoES/blade runner

As part of interviews I had to do - I recently read, and thoroughly enjoyed:

How to Mellify A Corpse: And Other Human Stories of Ancient Science and Superstition by Vicki Leon, which is an humorous but quite detailed look at scientific discoveries of the ancient world.

Caravaggio, a Life Sacred and Profane by Andrew Graham-Dixon. The most well researched and engaging book on Caravaggio I've ever read.

For my upcoming plane trip - Im also really looking forward to checking out Xenophon's March of The Ten Thousand - chiefly the audio book version read by Charlton Griffin

I thoroughly recommend audiobooks as my medium of choice - they allow you to soak things up on a long and contemplative hike - which is a bit harder to do with a tire your eyes and develop a paunch edition. I found as I have gotten older, and now working full time in a profession that requires a different type of reading and writing, sitting down to enjoy a good book is usually followed by slumber about 10 minutes.


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