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Originally Posted by Commander Dimal View Post
Well KOTOR: The Sith Lords has shown us that the Jedi really are to blame for a lot of evil that's happened.
I'm not sure how something that happened 4,000 years before this happens equates to all Jedi past and present being responsible 'a lot of evil that's happened'.

But, considering this is likely an echo of Traviss' blatant hatred of Jedi (even going so far as to make her own Jedi weak, self-loathing creatures) dressed up as fact in her work, then I can forgive you for thinking that. Sure, the Jedi aren't without faults, but it's laughable, sickening and just plain wrong to turn them into demonic slavers and kidnappers, and to reinforce that viewpoint at every turn in her books, without even offering a counterpoint to that view.

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