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Just want to give my thanks to the members who have been replying to posts in my stead over the past year or so. I haven't been active at all for a good while now, and many questions have gone unanswered. Unfortunately this isn't likely to change any time soon. I moved on from KoTOR modding a long time ago and found other things to occupy my time (Work mostly, haha). Besides, my knowledge of KoTOR modding and especially the inner workings of BoS:SR isn't what it used to be, so I probably wouldn't be much help anyway. :P

Though I'm surprised nobody ever discovered the easter egg I mentioned in past posts. If I remember correctly there was a gizka in the Czerka Compound which you could release from its cage. The easter egg is activated when you go near the Gizka and activate the detonator found in the Administrator side quest. Have fun!

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