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Some interesting news from the tablet market recently:

ASUS blames drop in netbook sales on iPad.

Also, HTC teaming up with Google to release a ChromeOS tablet in late November

It will be interesting to see how these go. There hasnt even been a convicning android based tablet to date - whilst chromeOS may be more useful as a productivity device - there still is quite a strong demand for a viable android tablet out there.

Google has also released this HTML5 showcase page - if you want to see what HTML5 is capable of - visit it and have a look/play

Engadget also did an interesting preview of XboxLive integration with the new Windows Phone 7 Platform. I was hoping Limbo would have been one of the cross platform games - but not so apparently. Still, looks interesting - seems like MS are quite serious about WP7 as a gaming platform.

Read their full preview and watch the video HERE


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