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Name: Aiden Valko
Age: 23
Affiliation: Order of the Shield
Looks: (black hair, green eyes, black military-style jacket, black V-neck, shades (rarely used), black skinny jeans, black boots)
Equipment: a sniper rifle, recieved from the Order, and a pistol he'd been using before that, along with a knife that he keeps in a small compartment in his boot
Major Skills: fair marksmanship and sneaking skills, is improving on his sniping
History: Living on the dark side of life, Aiden realized that the threat of zombies was just the adventure he'd been looking for. Training in essential skills, zones of infection broke out in his area in New York, and he was forced to abandon. Living on the fringe, he sought out resistance groups, and found the Order. He is not well-known, but his good intentions have earned him a place in the group--for now. And if he can get good at his new marksman position, he hopes to become a decent mercenary.
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