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So I have red it once again and I saw some small...misunderstanding. Not real errors.
For exemple : At one moment you said "perdonnez-moi" ("my apologies"). It's "Pardonnez-moi".

Second: At one moment Remy say to Auldric "m'sieur" ("sir") . It's better to say "monsieur" because m'sieur is an impolite way to say sir. Only a kid or an unrespectful teen would say that...mostly.

Then: “Do you believe this is some kind of game, ma fille?” I hate it when he calls me “my girl”. it's correct but it sound like he say my daughter instead of my girl
So it's better to say "Do you believe this is some kind of game, jeune fille? (young girl)"

I have to leave for now but if I found some others I will tell you.
Unless you want me to stop my endless criticism.

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