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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
After seven years, the war has ended.
Is this suppose to be a :
a. statement made with the utmost seriousness
b. cynical statement
c. derisive statement

Seriously: As far as I’m concern, it isn’t over until all our military personnel are out of harm’s way. 50,000 does not meet my definition.
What about the rest of the mess, including all the civilians who, contrary to the troops, never signed up for this kind of s*** but still got caught in it and will continue to outlive the effects of this aggression for an indefinite period of time? Before this war began, everyone else I spoke to who was familiar with the region predicted this very same messy outcome the moment Bush announced his intentions...This war was not only entered into based on false pretenses (as made to the public) but also, apparently, with total disregard as to what was going on in that region and the interests of the different factions (I can hardly believe US diplomats and informants where so ignorant as per their statements to the public tough). Was it to get a "foot in the door" for Iran, given the past relations between the three countries; oil, or was it just plain stupidity or something else?

...and, oh how wonderful! Private mercenaries also get to stay...whatever that means...

"Mission accomplished", really*?

That sounds very 2003-ish, doesn't it?

Saddam was a dictator, true but at the same time, the Bush admin was shaking hands with Saudi Arabia...democracy, human (women's rights more particularly*) rights, right?

*I recently had to give up my position in leading (and even partaking to) an important deal with a company from this country because I am a woman...
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