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We (the U.S.) never really wanted to call it a "war", either. We called it "Operation Iraqi Freedom", which is ALMOST total nonsense. Sure, it got Saddam Hussein ousted from power, tried, and executed, but I would not say that most Iraqi civilians feel "free" in the way that most Americans say THEY feel "free". As far as I know, poverty, hunger, and lack of basic necessities are hampering the "freedom" of a LOT of Iraqi people who never even supported Hussein or wanted to get involved in this country-wrecking conflict.

Did it topple Saddam, a brutal dictator? Yes, that is what the war in Iraq DID achieve.
Did it leave infighting, devastation, and chaos in its place? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

So, one dictator out of power = good. The rest of it = bad. Very bad. Reprehensibly bad!
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