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Originally Posted by Aububuh View Post
For one thing, that would require either stretching or cropping, and that wouldn't look quite right; and Lucasarts probably wouldn't be too happy with us if we just used their original backgrounds.
Plus, it gives a better feeling of accomplishment to do it ourselves, but I'm not sure how much I speak for everybody else when I say that. Or for myself, for that matter, considering how little I've actually done. I should probably get to those music arrangements...
Absolutely, it's totally a question of whether the group wants to redraw the backgrounds, or just focus on recreating the game in a SCUMM interface. Cropping the backgrounds wouldn't really be an issue, since more SCUMM games incorporated scrolling backgrounds that were larger than the viewable window.

Although, I'm not sure the biggest concern with this project is whether Lucasarts would be mad about cropping their background art. (The Guybrush sprites I've seen are combinations of their existing artwork anyway.) If they're going to say no to this project, it'll be at an intellectual property level, not a 'draw your own scumm bar' level.
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