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((Could you please have Shadow distracted for a moment? In a way, that was sort of what went wrong with Nirriven--everyone showing up in the same spot all at once. The story progressed too quickly, and Archon? Your post RULED!!!))

Fortunately, Perdante had not wandered too far from the camp before she heard blood-curdling screams coming from the same reeking place she had vacated. As swiftly as her pale, leather-clad legs could carry her, she sprinted back towards the scene of the sudden carnage. The stench of death, along with spilled ale and more disgusting bodily fluids than blood, overwhelmed her as soon as her nose caught the slightest whiff. She tasted acid in her mouth, but held her gag reflex in check so as not to vomit completely. Looking straight ahead, the valiant Orlesian soldier knew she had a battle to win.

For there, in the midst of the corpses, ragged bedrolls, and waste, stood a darkspawn. Not just any darkspawn--an Emissary, from the looks of him. Was he the leader of a band of his fellow demonic creatures who had done the killing, or had he single-handedly vanquished the entire camp?! If the latter was true--No time for wild guesses, she thought, letting out a war cry.

She raced forward and flung herself upon the towering darkspawn, her flashing dagger and longsword yearning to pierce his heavy armor, gleaming in the little sunlight that still remained from the sunset's passing. Gnashing her teeth, she grinned with pride at the two dents her blades had formed, and then steadied herself for another attack. This was going to be a long fight...

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