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The Jedi pondered this for a long moment. When she finally managed to put words to all of her jumbled thoughts, thus bringing clarity to them, she said:

"If you want to hear the truth from me, before my comrade Mica possibly kills you, then I will freely give it. I was a Sith Initiate before I became a Jedi Knight, and many within the Order, among all of its ranks, are still suspicious of me. It was only through the intervention of my trainer, a Cathar Jedi named Juhani, that I was not slain on sight. I intended to duel her to the death, but she spared me instead of giving me the fate I truly deserved. For that, I trust her with my life, alongside a handful of other Masters that Juhani herself trusts. Those few people do not constitute the entire Jedi Order, and so my answer I know it should not be, but that is the truth as I see it, miss."

She stepped forward slightly. "You say you were exiled? On what grounds?" A slight twinge of a memory clicked into place. "And what are...shatterpoints, as you call them?"
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